Twitter Is Losing It As Kathy Hilton Confuses Lizzo and Precious


Another day, another gaffe as someone confuses two celebs of color. When Kathy Hilton confused Lizzo for ‘Precious’ and Twitter just can’t handle it right now.

As the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ reality TV star was playing a game on ‘Watch What Happens Live‘ to see if she would recognize famous celebrities, she mixed up Lizzo and Precious.

Jen Shah Net Worth

It’s unclear if she meant Precious the titular character Gabourey Sidibe or model Precious Lee. As surprising as it may sound, some people are capable of mixing them up. In reality, the only things Lizzo and this real-life Precious Lee have in common are being curvy and Black.

Andy Cohen couldn’t even finish his response as he and fellow guest Crystal Kung Minkoff bent over laughing at the gaffe.

When called out for her mistake, Kathy Hilton responded with;

“That’s what I call her! Her nickname is Precious, to me.”

Within seconds Twitter was also rolling over laughing and calling out Kathy Hilton. However, many highlighted that this is problematic.


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Even among humor people really called out the reality TV star.

So racist or just ignorant, Twitter agrees that in either case, the comments made by Kathy Hilton were problematic.

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