TikToker Abbie Herbert Is Pregnant After Previous Pregnancy Loss


A new face might be joining Abbie Herbert in her TikToks soon, as she announced on Friday he pregnancy, months after losing her pregnancy earlier.

The famous TikToker made this announcement on her YouTube and TikTok channels.

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“All of the emotions are happening right now,” Abbie stated in the September 1 video, which showed her nervously pacing back and forth while wondering whether or not to look at the pregnancy test. The social media sensation, who revealed in May that she had lost a baby, went on to say that she was “so happy” but also “so nervous” to get the test results.

“You start thinking about all of these things when you find out you’re pregnant,” she explained.

Abbie, who is a mother of an 11-month-old daughter Poppy left her husband with her husband Josh Herbert speechless when she received her results.

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In a video, released on her social media handles, Abby reflected for a brief time before turning to the camera and announced, “I’m pregnant.” She then performed an ecstatic dance while showing viewers the pregnancy test.

TikToker Abbie Herbert Is Pregnant

Source: E!Online

However, the excitement wasn’t over for Abbie, who still had to inform Josh of the results. The mother enlisted Poppy’s assistance in spreading the word, asking her daughter, “Are we going to surprise Daddy?”

Abbie put up a camera in her kitchen and told Josh to close his eyes to the footage. She then delivered the positive test to Poppy, and the camera turned to the tiny girl fleeing with it in her hand.

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Abbie left out Josh’s reaction to the pregnancy announcement, but she suggested that the family will share more of their journey in the future. “To be continued…” she scribbled on a title card. “Thank you so much for your help. The Herberts, with love.”

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