Star Jones Net Worth, Personal Life and Other Information


Star Jones Net worth

$12 Million

If you spend your spare time watching Hollywood shows on Netflix or any other medium, I believe you must be aware of Star Jones, who co-hosts the famous daytime talk show “The View.” If you are a fan of her, this article might help you know your favourite personality better. Let’s hop on further to know the latest details of your favourite Hollywood star!

Who is Star Jones?

Starlet Marie Jones is a lawyer, journalist, author, host writer, women’s advocate, fashion designer, and Hollywood star by occupation. Her net worth is $12 Million as of 2022.

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Full Name

Starlet Marie Jones

Date of Birth

March 24, 1962

Birth Place

Badin, North California


Star’s a U.S. national.

Age as of 2022

60 years old.


5 feet, 8 inches (1.75 metres, 175 cm).


80 kilograms (176 pounds).


Al Reynolds (divorced; 2008)

Ricardo Lugo (married; 2018).

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Star Jones Net Worth


$12 Million


$18.5 Million


$5 Million

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Early Life

She was born in Badin, North Carolina but was brought up in Trenton, New Jersey by her grandmother till six years of her life. Her mother Shirley was a human services administrator, and her stepfather was a municipal security chief. Her mother worked for the city government and sent Jones along with her siblings to parochial schools.


Jones completed her graduation from Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Later, she obtained a B.A. degree in Administration of Justice at American University. She also earned a J.D. degree from the University of Houston Law Centre in 1986 and got admitted to the New York state bar in 1987.

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Notable Credits

Star Jones’s “The View”

The talk show that took her to fame was “The View”, initially released on August 11, 1997, produced by broadcast journalist Barbara Walters. It’s a chat show in which the host invites prominent personalities from different fields and interviews them about their lives, works, and plans for the future. ”The View” has completed 25 seasons up till now.

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Why did Star Jones leave “The View”?

After spending nine years as a co-host on the ABC talk show, she suffered a serious blow due to the criticism over the concealment of her surgery. Her fans were mad because she hadn’t revealed that she went through gastric bypass surgery to lose 160 pounds in 2003, but stated to the audience that she had shed the weight through diet and exercise. However, she released an article in People magazine saying that she didn’t leave the talk show willingly, but that the ABC talk show had refused to renew her contract.

“Star Jones” on truTV

She then started a one-hour program aired on weekdays at 3:00 pm on truTV. Star Jones talk show was a guest-driven live broadcast covering recent stories from the worlds of pop culture, entertainment, crime, and justice. The show was initially released on August 20, 2007, on truTV, and was cancelled on February 1, 2008.

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She has also acknowledged her hosting skills in other television appearances such as serving as a red carpet host on the E! Network from 2004-2005, where she conducted interviews at different award shows. Moreover, her cable programs include HGTV’s “House Hunters,” CNN’s “Larry King Live,” and Oxygen’s reunion episode of “The Bad Girls Club.

Al Reynolds And Star Jones Wedding

Star Jones married investment banker Al Reynolds on November 13, 2004. During the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, Reynolds proposed Star Jones. After the wedding, Jones switched her name to “Star Jones Reynolds” professionally, but again changed back to “Star Jones” in 2007. This wedding came to an end when Jones and Reynolds announced on March 9, 2008, that they were taking divorce from each other.

Star Jones husband Ricardo Lugo

Star Jones with her husband Ricardo Lugo

Star Jones Lugo

Later Jones married Ricardo Lugo on a cruise ship in the Bahamas on Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Does Star Jones have children?

At the age of 57, Star became the stepmother of her stepson Jake Lugo. She proudly writes on her Instagram account that: “[Lugo] has given me the greatest gift there ever is – motherhood. I have a 14-year-old son [Jake]. It`s the best. I`ve got news for you. I am that mother. I am there at high school. He`s a new high schooler, he`s in ninth grade, but I feel like a shrimp in my family. Jake`s 14 and 6[feet] 2[inches tall], but I`m very, very happy.”

Star Jones son | Star jones husband | Star jones family

Here are some mind-blowing pictures of Star jones with her small, sweet family via her Instagram account:

Works Written

“You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

In 1998, Jones released her first collection of autobiographical essays in which she offered a motivational account of her life.

“Shine: A Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Journey to Finding Love”

In 2006, Jones published “Shine: A Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Journey to Finding Love” which centred on the author’s quest to redefine herself. In “Physical” Journey to Finding Love, Star covered numerous topics like skin care, makeup, losing weight, and health part. In “Emotional” and “Spiritual” Journey to Finding Love, Star covered topics like Self-esteem and friendship issues, etc.

“Satan’s Sisters”

In 2011, Star published a novel work of fiction. This thinly veiled fictionalization of “The View” holds a prominent position in her prestigious career as an author.

Famous Star Jones Quotes

  • I can get whatever I want to eat and when you, you know, you forget to eat you sometimes pick up fast food.
  • I was a prosecutor in Brooklyn in the homicide division and then as a senior assistant district attorney.
  • Oh, definitely and you know you take the bitter with the sweet but the benefits far outweigh the burdens of what I’ve been able to do for my family, my word.
  • No, you’re not allowed to be bossy when you’re married. You have to learn compromise, compassion, and patience.
  • And I tried it and I felt, I guess I must have been pulled in by the red light of television and now I’ve been on TV since 1992.
  • I had started losing weight. I mean he didn’t know anything about the journey that I was on at that point obviously but from my highest weight of just over 300 pounds, I lost about 45 pounds.

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