Selling OC’s Alexandra Rose Reveals Several Co-Stars Blocked Her on Social Media


Alexandra Rose, the cast member of Netflix’s new series Selling the OC, which debuted last week, has revealed that some of her fellow cast members have blocked her on social media to take out their on-screen beef.

“There is somebody that has blocked me, and then there are two other people that unfollowed me and then removed me from their followers,” she said while talking with E! News along with other fellow members. “So, there are three other people that just don’t like me.”

Rose did not name the cast members she was referring to, but Polly Brindle, another cast member did reveal that she wanted to keep certain people off of her Instagram feed

“You know, the drama is real,” the Netflix star said, “and there are some people that you just don’t want in your peripheral.

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Her co-star Alex Hall believes that the best way to do that was by muting unwanted people on social media.

“You’re like, ‘I don’t even want to give you the satisfaction of blocking you because then you would know,” she told E News. “‘But if I mute you, I erased you, and you don’t even know.'”

But Brandi Marshall thinks otherwise. During an episode with E News, she said, “I feel like muting is passive-aggressive. I need you to know, ‘You’re blocked.'”

In addition to some bad blood at the Oppenheim Group’s OC office, the Selling the OC cast also alluded to some beef between them and their LA counterparts, Selling Sunset.

“I’ve heard some passive comments where I’m like, ‘Oh, well I guess that’s how it is,'” revealed Sean Palmieri. Gio Helou added, “I feel like they were friendlier before our trailer came out, though. And then they saw what this show is gonna be, they’re like, ‘Oh s–t.'”

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But the newbie crew doesn’t feel threatened by their Selling predecessors. In fact, they’re open to a little friendly competition.

“I think there should be a little bit of competition, at least in business,” said Lauren Shortt. “I think we’re all competitive people by nature, being real estate agents.”

The Selling the OC cast alluded to some friction between them and their LA counterparts, Selling Sunset, in addition to some bad blood inside the Oppenheim Group’s OC office.

“I’ve heard some passive things that make me think, ‘Oh, well, I suppose that’s how it is,'” Sean Palmieri said. “I feel like people were nicer before our trailer came out,” Gio Helou noted. When they realized what this program was going to be, they were like, ‘Oh s—t.'”

However, the newcomers are unconcerned about their predecessors from Selling. In fact, they welcome some friendly rivalry.

“I think there should be some rivalry, at least in business,” Lauren Shortt remarked. “I believe we’re all competitive by nature, being honest.”

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    […] Selling OC Alexandra Rose Reveals Several Co-Stars Blocked Her on Social Media […]

  2. September 2, 2022

    […] Selling OC’s Alexandra Rose Reveals Several Co-Stars Blocked Her on Social Media […]