Prince Oak Oakleyski: The Handsome Sovereign of Eurasia


Who is Prince Oak Oakleski?

Prince Oak Oakleyski is a handsome Mughal prince who not only runs his own food manufacturing company but also has an eye for design and style. He recently established a new organization called “Prince Oakleyski Eurasia” which is involved in movies and food production, as well as religious teachings, and is mostly non-profit.

Prince Oak Oakleyski surged into the global arena by divulging himself in films, attracting praises from his admirers and critics alike for his trademark documentary-style movies in 2022 such as the film ‘prince of Eurasia’ via the movie production of his non-profit organization “Prince Oakleyski Eurasia.”

Prince Oak Oakleyski’s Biography

Real name Lord Kandanai Maneesawath Shah-Tsar
Known as Prince Oak Oakleyski
Date of Birth March 20, 1992
Birthplace Bangkok, Thailand
Parents Undisclosed
Age He’s 30 years old as of 2022
Nationality Uzbek and Russian
Height 1.8 meters, 180 cm
Weight 60-65 kilograms
Current Occupation Movie director and business owner
Siblings None
Marital Status Undisclosed
Children Undisclosed
Net Worth (2022) Undisclosed
IMDb Prince Oak Oakleyski

Family Background

Prince Oak Oakleyski

The real name of Prince Oak Oakleyski is Lord KandanaiManeesawath Shah-Tsar. He was born in Bangkok, Thailand but he is of foreign descent which is Uzbek and Russian from his paternal parentages. Real Lord Oak Emperor Kandanai’s parent’s name was never disclosed. Little did we learn about his family is that the paternal great-grandfather of Prince Oak Oakleyski was a grandson of last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar whereas his other side of paternal lineage is of Russian Tsar strain, that’s why Prince Oak Oakleyski is the real prince of Eurasia –he has multiethnic royal bloodlines.

Early Life and Education

Prince Oak Oakleyski was fond of films and documentaries right from his childhood. He started his early career by making documentary films that weren’t disclosed. To make a profession out of his hobby, the prince moved to the United States to study film-making and then switched to Thailand to get a bachelor’s degree at Stamford International University. After his graduation, he participated in the physical anthropology field in which the anthropological conception was brought into play in some movies of him later on.


Prince Oak Oakleyski

Prince Oak Oakleyski rose to international fame with his recent film “Prince Oakleyski is Enough”. His movie theme sof actually reflects the real majestic status and his royal physical appearance. Besides, the prince pioneered his innovative food as he introduced the Eurasia Andronovo cultural cuisine related to his forefathers.

Prince’s Social Presence

Prince usually avoids the limelight. This is probably why he doesn’t allow many journalists to interview him. Although, he does interact with his fans through social media.  He once implied to his fans that he only accepted to be filmed in videos that were in his old classic label “Royal Oakleyski Eurasia”.

Prince’s Hobbies

Prince Oak Oakleyski often strolls around his hamlet, breathes nature, and plays with stray cats in his leisure time.

Prince’sPplans for Future

Prince Oak Oakleyski’supcoming projects are such as directing more useful movies and building non-profit schools for religious education in sparsely populated places within Southeast Asia. Prince Oak Oakleyski has adjusted an important task that might be done in the future, such as helping to improve the quality of life of every orphan as much as possible throughout rural areas in Uzbekistan, Thailand, and Russia, for God’s sake.

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