Love Is Blind’s Giannina Gibelli Hints At Her Expected Engagement to Blake Horstmann


Giannina Gibelli and Blake Horstmann are an on-screen couple and have been dating for quite a long. However, Giannina might soon start getting rings instead of roses from her boyfriend.

As viewers continue to follow the couple’s love journey on All Star Shore, some are wondering how serious these two are about each other. Giannina couldn’t conceal her love and passion for a co-star who has made her life so much sweeter.

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Giannina couldn’t conceal her love and passion for a co-star who has made her life so much sweeter.

“He basically makes sure I’m pleased all the time.  If I’m having a bad day or I am worried about something, he’ll take the time to ask, ‘Hey, are you okay?’ You’re not as animated today.’ He simply wants to make sure I’m happy and in a good place with these beautiful small things.”

Gibelli said Blake is frequently by her side while she is watching Netflix series, having omelets in the morning, or working out. In fact, both sides believe that someday continue in this manner for a long period.

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On-screen Couples

“I’m not at all afraid of talking about getting engaged to him or spending the rest of my life with him,” Giannina added. “I believe the feeling is mutual, and I would be the happiest person on the planet, but no rush. But, honestly, everything has its own time and must grow gradually, but I’m OK. That’s it. This is the end of my story.”

Giannina Gibelli

While the pair have been photographed on social media wearing similar rings, Giannina quipped that fans should “cool down.”

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“When we do get engaged, this ring will be much larger,” she joked. “That’s all I have to say.”

When asked when Giannina realized Blake wasn’t the typical boyfriend, the former Love Is Blind actress stated that spending meaningful time with him away from cameras in his hometown of Denver made a difference.

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