Jim Edmonds and Kortnie O’Connor Share Wedding Date


Taking control of the situation themselves? After Teddi Mellencamp disparaged the couple’s wedding, Jim Edmonds and Kortnie O’Connor shared their invitations.

On Sunday, July 31, Meghan King’s ex-husband uploaded his fiancée’s video of their invitations. On Sunday, September 25, the couple is slated to get hitched in Italy.

O’Connor expressed her excitement via an Instagram Stories caption.

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On Saturday, September 24, there will be a sail over Lake Como as part of the celebrations. James Bond-inspired dress is welcomed. Mellencamp made light of the reference to the well-known figure during a conversation with King on the “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast on Thursday, July 28.

“I’m sorry, but this is quite embarrassing. All I have to do is read it. “Ladies, be inspired by your favorite Bond girl,” it instructs. “Gentleman: a white coat or a tie like James [Bond],” “The former Real Housewives of Orange County star, who laughed over the suggestion that her ex-husband is James Bond, was informed by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum.

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Mellencamp claimed two days later that Edmonds was upset with her for listening to the invitations on the program.

“Did you receive that invitation from Meghan? It’s hard to think that we only mailed 18 to our closest friends. 1 got through to you, “The former MLB player is said to have contacted Mellencamp, who would not say who had DMed her. “How can I trust you when I don’t believe anything that comes out of my ex’s mouth? And why would [Kortnie] want to appear on your program when you literally just laughed at our pretended wedding invitation, which you utterly misread on the radio?”

Mellencamp assured Edmonds that she wouldn’t argue with him and extended an invitation to O’Connor to appear on the “Two T’s in a Pod” podcast for an apology.

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He seemed to say, “We’re not fighting.” “Because of the garbage you post on your podcast, I am now calling you out. And the trashy guest you invited in to make fun of someone else who was attempting to live a fulfilling life. … I’m sorry for you and your family if that’s how you’re making life after being fired from a false reality program, but I’m not furious. Are you aware of what others think of you? It’s unfortunate that you’re attempting to undermine others. I won’t consume any more of it. Good fortune.”

Mellencamp revealed through Instagram Stories what was said after posting the messages: “For the record if he hadn’t communicated with me in those texts in the manner that he did, I never would have posted them. I was glad to apologize and mention that my fiancée and I have different aesthetic tastes when it comes to invites

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Edmonds has had three marriages. With King, he has a 5-year-old daughter named Aspen and 3-year-old twin boys named Hart and Hayes. (The couple separated in October 2019 and divorced in May 2021).) In August 2021, he asked O’Connor to marry him.

“Everyone is aware that Jim has experienced this before. Therefore, we only wanted to focus on having fun with everyone, including our closest friends and family “Earlier this year, O’Connor spoke with People. “Not another church wedding, but a journey for all to enjoy. Jim had never been to Italy, so I scheduled it there. I reasoned that it might be a fun experience for his children as well as a way to honor our bond and include everyone in the fun. So that was the main topic, and Lake Como is a pretty lovely place to visit.”

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