Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino Speaks Up About the Fight With Angelina Pivarnick


Mike Sorrentino has finally spoken out about the Angelina Pivarnick saga. During Jersey Shore Family Vacation season 5, “The Situation,” Sorrentino talked about his decision to get involved in the Angelina Pivarnick drama.

Speaking to Us Weekly, he revealed on August 9, “I had a tough choice to make this season because I felt that I saw one of my castmates being really messy, in my opinion.” “Do I mention responsibility there? And I decided that I needed to. … Maybe, in the end, you wouldn’t have a good TV show if I didn’t get involved.”

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In season 5, Sorrentino, 40, and Pivarnick, 36, got into a fight after he claimed she had cheated on her husband Chris Larangeira with “multiple side pieces.” He also spoke with Larangeira, 45, who alleged that his ex-wife had leaked the infamous wedding speech to the media. After more than two years of marriage, the couple separated in January.

Sorrentino informed the rest of the cast that the New York native was to blame for the leaked footage rather than confronting his costar about her alleged actions. The sober reality star called Pivarnick out in the comments after the official Jersey Shore Instagram account shared a teaser clip for the “Messy Mike” episode from July, which is when everything happened.

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Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino Recalls Making the ‘Tough Choice’

Source: Us Weekly

“She suffers from the disease known as diabetes. It is a fact that she lies more often than she tells the truth. What is, is what is. Avoid being duped by someone pretending they are the victim of the storm they caused. She simply hates being discovered. Stop avoiding! I stated my opinion. rant over, “He composed.

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The certified EMT added a comment in support of herself. “It’s really too bad Mike didn’t tell me this was happening behind my back and that my sabotaging, disgruntled, double-life ex-husband was calling him. Pretty depressing considering I was stressed out and dealing with it alone, “She composed.

Despite the disapproval of some fans, Sorrentino insisted that such behavior is inevitable when one is on reality television. “You wouldn’t get involved in a divorce in everyday life. Just simply wouldn’t, “He told Us. However, since we’re so close in friendship and we’re in a TV show, I had to learn how to maneuver through those confusing streets.

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The MTV celebrity continued, “The husband, the side piece, and the side piece’s best friend all called me on the same day and told me very similar stories about how she was being incredibly messy and not being very honest with us or anyone else. Oh my God, what am I going to do here? I thought. You shouldn’t be surprised if your life turns into a circus if you hang out with clowns.”

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