Jennifer Lawrence Says She Expected Amy Schumer to Keep Liposuction ‘A Secret’


Amy Schumer revealed in public that the got liposuction, her pal, Jennifer Lawrence said she was prepared to keep the details secret.

“When she got liposuction, I just assumed that would be a secret. And then . . . it wasn’t!” Lawrence, 32, told The New Yorker in a Monday, August 29, profile of Schumer, 41. “It’s a part of her — I hate using this word — relatability. In some ways, it’s benefitted her. Look at her obviously successful career.”

The Trainwreck star, who keeps her social media followers updated about her various experiences, noted that she’s simply always been prone to that level of intimacy.

“I don’t know why I don’t have any boundaries,” Schumer told the outlet. “I just don’t.”

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The Life of Beth founder shared in January that she had liposuction after suffering with her weight and body image, emphasizing the necessity of being upfront about the treatment.

“I wanted to share it with people because I can’t lie about myself,” the comedian said on Hoda Kotb’s podcast “Making Space with Hoda Kotb.” “I simply cannot do it.” I can’t just say, ‘Yeah, crunches.’ And I’ve just finished some smoked salmon,’ you know? So I had to be honest.”

She went on to say that she was still confused about discussing her experience publicly owing to the expense. “I was feeling awful since it’s such a privilege,” she explained. “And I’m like, ‘Well, you know, people with money drive good cars, too,’… So, my ‘great automobile’ is that I had a liter of fat pulled out of my stomach.”

Schumer, who stated that she is now 170 pounds after the surgery, said she felt in her “prime” in a May Instagram post in which she stepped into her home gym wearing a black corset and heels.

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“The C part. Hysterectomy. Lipo. “This summer is all about allowing love in,” she wrote. “I’m working hard to stay healthy and strong for myself and my family.” I, too, want to be hot. In my prime. Let’s get started. “Who’s on board with me?”

Inside Amy Schumer writer Amy Schumer, who welcomed baby Gene with husband Chris Fischer in May 2019, addressed her decision in a March interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s not about needing to be smashing, because I’ve never been famous for being attractive,” she explained to the magazine. “I’d reached a point when I was weary of looking at myself in the mirror.”

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Schumer went on to say that she understood the area of her stomach immediately above her C-section scar needed more targeted treatment, which “grilled chicken and walks” weren’t going to fix.

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