Euphoria’s Costume Designer Heidi Bivens Reveals the Secrets Behind the Show’s Most Iconic Looks


Creating looks for one of the most famous series on television may be stressful, but for Euphoria costume designer Heidi Bivens, it is real fun.

“I often don’t know what my approach is going to be when I start a film or a television show,” she told E! News in an exclusive interview. “It’s something I intuitively feel out.”

That intuition, which she honed while working as a stylist for fashion publications and on films like Mid90s and Spring Breakers, has led her to her third Emmy nomination (one of 16 the HBO series received this year).

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It took a long time to perfect the outfits that viewers have grown to appreciate. Because each character has their “own tale artistically,” Bivens noted that during season one, she focused on the intricacies of the individuals’ story arcs, such as who they are, what they’re going through, what they’d wear, and why.

Bivens wondered if she could go bigger in season two after setting these limitations (and seeing fans’ delight in the fashion). That’s just what she did.

“I definitely allowed myself the liberty in season two to just have more fun with it and be less scholarly about my approach,” she explained, “and that was really exciting and liberated in a way.”

Euphoria's Costume Designer Heidi Bivens Shares the Secrets

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Bivens stated that for season one, she primarily relied on vintage costume houses in Los Angeles. While there is still a lot of vintage in season two (did you see the closet Alexa Demie’s Maddy played dress-up in? ), Bivens explored other alternatives, such as collaborating with well-known brands like Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu, as well as discovering new ones.

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“My ACD [assistant costume designer] Angelina Vitto was my second season, and she has such a passion for youth culture, street culture, brands, and knowing what all the Instagram companies are,” she explained. “So she was able to really go into it and identify companies that I had never heard of before, while in season one I was doing a lot of that rabbit hunting.”

Don’t ask about Bivens’ plans for Season 3. She stated that she has not yet seen the script, which serves as her costuming handbook. Collaboration with the cast is also important, with Bivens stating that “the success of Maddy’s appearance has just as much to do with Alexa as it does my costume department.”

However, if Euphoria’s writer and director Sam Levinson ever have to make a last-minute costume change, Bivens must be prepared to adjust. She remembered changing gears for the season two episode in which Zendaya’s Rue flees through the streets after her family holds an intervention to address her drug usage.

Bivens added that she chose a jacket and a long-sleeved T-shirt so Zendaya would be comfortable performing stunts, but on the day they filmed the sequence, Levinson decided he wanted Rue to wear short sleeves and no jacket.

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“It really worked out so well, and Sam as the director realized that by her wearing short sleeves—even though there were stunts to be done—she would appear more vulnerable,” Bivens remarked. “And it’s these little elements that we’re continually trying to express in order to prop up the story, which we were able to do thankfully really quickly, but you never know what’s going to happen.”

Euphoria's Costume Designer Heidi Bivens Shares the Secrets

Source: CinemaBlend

Costume changes aren’t the only thing that can happen at any time; inspiration can as well. Bivens noted that she takes inspiration from a variety of sources, including walks along the street, fashion periodicals, her friends’ outfits, and runway shows. She recalls seeing the pink outfit Hunter Schafer’s Jules wears to a carnival in season one while exploring a Stella McCartney collection online.

“When I saw that, I said, ‘That’s Jules,'” she recounted. “I also printed it and hung it on my wall.”

Jules’ costumes, according to Bivens, are her favorites because of the layering of different textures, colors, and brands.

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“I was blending old with new pieces, mixing fashion but also very useful clothes—whether it was a hiking top from [an] REI store or an actual tennis skirt,” she explained. “So I think that the way that young people who are interested in fashion but don’t have a lot of money dress is this sort of a jumble, like a mashup of concepts, and I think that I was able to achieve that with Jules.”

Euphoria's Costume Designer Heidi Bivens Shares the Secrets

Source: Interview magazine

While fans won’t be able to take anything from the characters’ closets, Bivens, who is releasing a book called Euphoria Fashion later this year, is more than eager to share her knowledge.

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“My advice would be to pursue whatever brings you joy,” she said, “even if it means attempting something different or fresh that’s sort of outside of your normal way of wearing.” “I believe there is no better moment than the present to attempt.”

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