Britney Spears Won’t Be Deposed in Conservatorship Case, Judge Rules


On Wednesday, a Los Angeles judge ruled in favor of Britney Spears, rejecting her father’s demand that she appear in court for a deposition.

At a hearing Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Judge Brenda Penny finalized her earlier tentative decision to refuse a request from Jamie Spears’ attorneys to depose his daughter amid ongoing litigation over his alleged misbehavior during her contentious 13-year legal conservatorship.

Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, said that there was no cause for the pop diva to be deposed in the lawsuit and that it was an act of vengeance by her father and his lawyers.

“Whether he believes it or accepts it, what she went through under him was awful.

“He would say, ‘That’s my daughter, I adore my daughter,'” Rosengart stated during the hearing.

“There is still hope that he sits with his counsel and speaks about doing the right thing. Britney Spears being deposed would re-traumatize her.”

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Meanwhile, Jamie’s attorneys have suggested that they would likely file an appeal, claiming that they are entitled to further information in order to defend their client.

“As with most of [Rosengart’s] arguments, it’s aimed at the media rather than the court,” said Alex Weingarten.

“Mr. Spears did the right thing for his daughter.

Mr. Spears beautifully defended her from Rasputins and Svengalis for 13 years and the years before [into the conservatorship].

The truth will be revealed via proof, not platitudes.

There is no evidence of Mr. Spears’ misbehavior, and he will be exonerated.”

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Rosengart objected, claiming, “Mr. Spears’ reputation was destroyed by him long before my firm got involved.

“Good luck to him if he wants to go on TV or write a book to defend himself.”

Despite deciding on Britney’s deposition, Judge Penny did not rule on another significant matter before her:

“Whether officials from Britney’s old management firm, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, must take depositions and turn over further records to Britney’s legal team.”

Rosengart, a former federal prosecutor, has promised to look into Jamie’s allegations of serious crime, including collecting millions of dollars and unlawfully eavesdropping on Britney.

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He won a judgment earlier this month requiring Jamie to give over more records and sit for a deposition.

Rosengart claims that the Tri Star, Britney’s longstanding business managers, have critical information for the investigation — and may have participated in some of the bad behavior — but have opted to “stonewall and obfuscate” rather than cooperate.

In October, he subpoenaed Tri Star and executives Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill, citing allegations in a blockbuster New York Times documentary that Greenhill and others at Tri Star were involved in constructing an “intense surveillance apparatus” to help Jamie spy on Britney.

This apparently involved “mirroring” the iCloud account used on her phones, allowing them to monitor her in real-time.

Rosengart further claims that Tri Star was instrumental in establishing the conservatorship in 2008 and then “profited handsomely” to the tune of $18 million.

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He cited emails in which Taylor reportedly discussed how to select a judge to oversee the conservatorship.

Tri Star asked Judge Penny in November to reject Rosengart’s subpoena, claiming it had already shared a “complete set of its books and records” and had no role in any of the alleged wrongdoing:

“Tri Star played no part whatsoever in suggesting the establishment of the conservatorship [and] no one at Tri Star has ever suggested monitoring Ms. Spears’ electronic communications.”

However, after hearing arguments from both parties, Judge Penny left the subject unsettled until a final judgment next month.

In a preliminary order, she indicated that she would likely grant Rosengart’s subpoena, but would limit discovery to information relevant to the most recent time of the extended conservatorship.

Following the hearing, Tri Star attorney Scott Edelman stated that the judge’s potential finding would be exactly what the firm desired.

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“Judge Penny’s tentative judgment was unambiguous – discovery will be limited to events and fees relevant to the 12th accounting, just as Tri Star had sought,” Edelman said, referring to the conservatorship’s last phase.

“In short, today was a terrific day for Tri Star—regardless of what Ms. Spears’ attorney tried to spin on the courthouse steps.”

“We look forward to being deposed, furthering this process, and ensuring that the complete truth is finally shared.”

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