Amber Heard Tried to Use Covid to Avoid Deposition in Johnny Depp Trial


Amber Heard requested that Johnny Depp and his legal team wear masks during the libel trial, in accordance with COVID safety rules, and that she attends the deposition via Zoom.

An emergency petition was filed by the Aquaman actor’s team to “protect all those attending” her January deposition, according to unsealed pre-trial court records acquired by Newsweek.

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According to Heard’s legal team, Depp refused to wear a mask throughout the trial while insisting that Heard violate [redacted] law by not wearing a mask during her deposition.

According to the filing, the 59-year-old actor’s counsel “refused to wear masks during the deposition and refused to consent to assure the court reporter and cameraman received COVID-19 pictures.”

Elaine Bredehoft, Heard’s lawyer, emailed Depp’s attorney in December 2021. She expressed her concern about the growing threat of Omicron variants and her desire to participate in the deposition via Zoom.

“As you are already aware, Amber has a 9-month-old daughter and is presently living with her sister, who has a 2-year-old toddler and is pregnant,” wrote the lawyer.

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“This increases the dangers and danger.” “We feel that all of these circumstances point to Amber being deposed by Zoom at this time,” she added.

In response, Depp’s attorneys stated that his client “hereby rejects Ms. Heard’s newest attempted evasion,” adding that Heard and her counsel are “again behaving in bad faith.”

The attorney stated that the in-person deposition will take place in their Orange County offices in January and that Depp and the team “agreed to adopt the same safety measures.”

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“And I can guarantee you that the two attorneys who will be taking Ms. Heard’s deposition—myself and Camille Vasquez—have not only been double-vaccinated but have also received the booster,” he continued.

According to Depp’s lawyer, the suggestion that Heard would utilize COVID as a “pretext to dodge culpability” is “another low, except when the sources are evaluated.”

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