Alicia Vikander Reflects on “Extreme, Painful” Miscarriage


Alicia Vikander looks back on her path to parenthood.

In a July 24 interview with The Sunday Times, she brought up the subject when presenting her new performance, Irma Vep.

One of the characters in an episode of the HBO series has a miscarriage, and as Vikander reveals, she can connect to the grief directly.

“We now have a kid,” the actress said of her 17-month-old son with husband Michael Fassbender, “but it took us time.”

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Vikander, 33, and Fassbender, 45, met while filming The Light Between Oceans in 2016. Vikander plays a lady who had two miscarriages in the film.

Vikander responded, “Totally,” when asked if these films may help both actors and spectators deal with their own traumas.

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[The miscarriage] was so intense and horrible to go through that it reminded me of filming that picture.

“That film now has a new significance.”

She reminded viewers that, while Hollywood stars may appear to have it all at times, the reality isn’t always picture-perfect.

“Sometimes in life, you go through difficult periods, and if you have an office job, you can go away for a while,” she told The Sunday Times.

“However, there have been occasions when I or my colleagues have been through something and, well, I don’t know how they went on to the red carpet afterward.”

To be greeted by those who inquire, ‘How are you?’

Most individuals would be unable to leave their homes after what they had just been through.”

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In September 2021, Vikander stated that she and Fassbender had a kid.  In a May 2022 cover story for Harper’s Bazaar U.K., the Tomb Raider alum discussed their path to motherhood.

As Vikander explained, being a mother was not always something she had planned for herself, stating, “I didn’t believe I really wanted children, honestly, until I was 30.”

But, she said, after her miscarriage, she knew she wanted to be a mother.  Her voyage, however, was not without difficulties.  “I didn’t think I could become pregnant for a long time,” she told Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Vikander stated that she has changed in every aspect since having her kid. “This is life. It’s quite profound.”

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