Actress Anne Heche Recovering After Brutal Car Crash


Starlet Anne Heche has been reportedly hospitalized after a scary car crash. On Friday, the 53-year-old actress was taken away from a Los Angeles car crash on a stretcher by an ambulance.

According to Entertainment Tonight!,  a public information officer for the Los Angeles Police Department revealed that, at 10:55 a.m., a vehicle collided into a residence located at the 1700 block of Walgrove Ave.

As per the LAPD, the vehicle became engulfed in flames and the driver was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment by an ambulance.

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While the LAPD would not identify the driver, describe the car they were driving, name the hospital or disclose any injuries. Word is that this is the car crash TMZ reported Anne Heche was taken away from in an ambulance.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Fire Department said that the solo passenger vehicle in question struck the 738-square foot two-story home, and got stuck there.

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This structurally compromised the vehicle and it erupted into flames prior to the LAFD’s arrival. As per the LAFD, it took 59 firefighters some 65 minutes to access, confine and fully extinguish the heavy flames within the heavily damaged structure.

They then rescued one adult female adult from within the vehicle. She was taken to a hospital in the area by LAFD paramedics in critical condition. No other injuries were reported, the LAFD said.

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Citing witness statements, TMZ, who was the first to report the news, said that Heche was driving a blue Mini Cooper when she crashed into the garage of an apartment complex.

As per the witnesses, while residents of the apartment complex tried getting Heche out of the vehicle, the actress put the car in reverse and then sped off.

She then crashed into a nearby home shortly afterwards. That’s when her car ignited a fire that engulfed the house. Anne Heche reportedly suffered burns in the fire. She is currently intubated in the hospital but is expected to live.

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